Sweetgrass Braids

From $20.00

Sweetgrass is considered a holy medicine from Mother Earth. The Sweetgrass Ceremony is a cleansing, purification and healing process of the mind, body and spirit. The braided grass stands for strength in unity. In a traditional Sweetgrass ceremony, the braid is lit, and then first offered to the Creator, followed by an offering to the Spirit Keepers to the East, then the South, West and North, and finally, offered down to Mother Earth, and up to Father Sky.

After the area is cleansed, each person takes the braid and fans the smoke, first to their heart, second to their mind, third, around their entire body, and lastly, back to the heart.

The braids can be hung on a wall, placed in a drawer, hung on the rearview mirror of a vehicle, to enjoy the sweet aroma, and all the wonderful spiritual benefits of having a braid of "The Hair of Mother Earth".