Candles from $7.00 Holders from $5.00 Blessing Candles are used in house blessing traditio
From $20.00 Decorative and energetically beneficial incense burners, to let you combine th
From $20.00 Sweetgrass is considered a holy medicine from Mother Earth. The Sweetgrass Ce
From $230.00 These exotic Ceremonial Prayer, Dance or Smudge Fans are hand-made, using a w
From $300.00 Selenite is, without question, the healing crystal of the future. Also known
From $80.00 Compact and travel-friendly. It can be a necklace, a keychain, a mirror-hange
From $150.00 All the psychic and healing energies of selenite, combined with Chakra crysta
From $130.00 The Healing "Talking Stick" is an all-around healing and balancing tool, and
From $125.00 A Chakra crystal and wood wand with a clear quartz crystal point, similar to
Small Smudge Sticks $6.00, Large Smudge Sticks $15.00 These Smudge Sticks are made from va
To perform a Smudge Ceremony: Light the stick or smudge pile, keeping a natural-material c
From $150.00 Smudge Fans aid in the process of smudging, by fanning the Smudge Stick to ke